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2018 The second film from the Gorongosa Media Project, a moving portrait of the people and communities living in and around the park.

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27/Mar 18 Untamed Romania

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27/Oct 17 Currently sound editing Animals with Cameras, a BBC1 mini-series with a new concept - get the animals to do the filming.

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30/Oct 17 Andy’s got a new job, and he asked me to help bring his new workplace to life. A lot of fun was had sound designing the latest in this modern kids classic.

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20/Feb 17 Soundscapes created and featured animals given their voice for Wild Argentina, a visually-stunning 3-part series for National Geographic which documents the wild land and seascapes of this vast country.

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20/Dec 16 Elephant Family & Me is the latest in the strand directed by Ted Oakes and produced by BBC Natural History Unit. Atmospheres and elephant vocalisations tracklayed alongside Ric Demowbray for this 2-part series.

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25/Aug 16 Worlds Wildest Cities: Anchorage, a 13-part documentary series exploring the Alaskan capital - the scene of many a clash between humans and big wildlife.

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25/Apr 16 All sound editing carried out for Wildest Islands of Indonesia, 5 x 1-hour films documenting the awe and beauty of this most diverse and enchanted part of Earth. Produced by Off the Fence.

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25/March 16 2-part mini series pesented by Ellie Harrison and Ben Fogle and featuring the largest ‘shiver’ of sharks ever recorded in British waters. Our team, consisting of Owen Peters (sync), Andrew Wilson (mix) and myself (sound effects), handled full audio post production with the final mix taking place at Real World Studios.

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4/Sept 15 Fantastic news: Off the Fence’s Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise nominated for Best Sound at Jackson Hole.

1/Sept 15 Complete sound for Greengage Films showreel.

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19/Sep 15 Full tracklay completed for India: Nature’s Wonderland, part of BBC1’s India Week

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19/May 15 Delighted to be working as sound effects editor for Off the Fence’s exciting PBS/National Geographic series looking at the restoration of Gorongosa National Park, one of the original great African safaris, damaged by decades of civil war.

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6/May 15 Wildscreen Exchange, a new initiative aimed at connecting conservation bodies with high quality media, launches with this exhibition. My soundscape will play out on speakers at the gallery and is composed of purely atmospheric recordings from various environments, designed to highlight the emptiness of a world devoid of it’s wildlife.

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19/Mar 15 10-day recording expedition in the Saharan Atlas Mountains

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19/Feb 15 Full tracklay on this stunning portrait of Colombia’s natural wonders, set across 3 x 60’ episodes (Off the Fence).

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01/Dec 14 Destination Wild: Indonesia, 3-part series for Off the Fence Productions

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4/Oct 14 Recently completed work on 5 episodes of this BBC NHU production with Chris Packham. Mixed by Ric De Mowbray at Doghouse.

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4/Oct 14 Work complete on Wildest Middle East, 2 x 60’ for Discovery Networks

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10/Sept 14 Stan Lee’s Superhumans series 3 (full sound effects tracklay for Off the Fence), goes out tonight on History 2.

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02/Sept 14 full tracklay for 5 x 60’ natural history series Wildest Indochina for Off the Fence

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01/Sep 14 The brilliant second film by Dylan Goch and Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys premieres this month on S4C before theatrical release. I’ve provided the sound effects tracklay to a brief of ‘off-beat’ and ‘psychedelic’ elements for the adventure documentary which rolls comedy, history doc, road movie and music LP into one.

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02/Jun 14 a full-on and vibrant mix of natural and urban soundscapes in this 13 x 30’ natural history series for Off the Fence

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02/Jun 13 Springwatch Guide to Butterflies and Moths, full tracklay.

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24/Apr 13 Operation Snow Tiger (BBC) - 2-part series presented by Liz Bonnin and produced by Ted Oakes.

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01/Mar 12 Field recordings, sound design and mix for Clare Stuges’ award-winning first full-length feature.